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    Bid decrement/lot level

    Andre Gajewski Apprentice

      Hi all.


      When I create an eAuction I often use lots with many line items. I choose then mainly "Bid at Item level, compete at Lot level" - it has many advantages.


      But my concern is that bid decrement rules apply only to lot level. It is somehow counterintuitive. The participant sees the minimal bid decrement amount but it is applicable to lot level (one should make a lot of calculation to see its impact on line level) but has to give its bid to line level.


      If I set initial values for particular participants they can even worsen its bid as long as they improve the lot level. It is not what I would like to have.


      My dream would be to have bid decrement rule applicable to line item level, that the participant could either leave the line or improve it by a particular minimal amount. How do you cope with this issue?


      Best regards


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          Andrew Gill Master

          Hi Andre


          There isn't a way around this that I've seen, so it sounds like a good candidate for an Enhancement Request, but don't be too hopeful to see this facility before 2015 unless it's already planned.


          I typically work to 'bid the way I mean to award' so breaking out items may confuse your suppliers on your award strategy, but that can be overcome in your pre-event training session.


          I'm lucky in my lots are typically made up of less than ten items, so where the bid decrement is important to me, I would create items within a section rather than

          items within a lot, so I have visibility but more control. 







          Andrew Gill | Global eSourcing Manager | Reed Elsevier


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              Andre Gajewski Apprentice

              Hi Andrew!


              Thank you for the tip of making an engineering request. May I will make a use of it.


              Making a section instead of making a lot results in that each line can go to different supplier. And I create a lot whenever I want to avoid such situation.


              Best regards