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    Search in Ariba

    Arshan.Bomanjee Master

      Hi, I use the search functionality frequently in Ariba Spend Management (11s2) and would like to highlight a point.


      After performing a search on sourcing "events" (RFI/RFP/Auction), you click on the event from the search results and then select either 'Monitor' or 'View Details', etc to open the respective event. On the following page, you will then find a "Back" link with which you can again return back to the search results (you need not perform the search again).


      Now, when you are performing a search for "projects" (sourcing, contracts, etc...), and when you open a project in the same way, you do not have the "Back" link to take you back to the search results. This is really frustrating as I have to perform searches repeatedly which takes lot of time.


      I hope that this feature (inclusion of a "Back" link) is included in the next release and is valid for all search types.


      Do voice your thoughts on this...





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          Erwin Storms Journeyman

          Good comment - i face the same and will post enhancement request for this. Suggest you also do this, then at least we have a chance that Ariba will improve this.

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            Andre Gajewski Apprentice

            I find it really frustrating that one can not open many windows at once. Navigating in Ariba has its limitation and is sometimes really time consuming. Do you have the same impression?

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                Erwin Storms Journeyman

                Yes, I would agree with that.

                Now, what we do to overcome that (just a litlle bit) is:

                1. when on a certain screen with info that you know upfront will be needed later on: take a screenshot (then you don't have to go back);
                2. install a second webbrowser: then you can open a second session


                The above is by far not optimal but, for the moment it's the best we could invent.

                Have put in an enhancement request 1-BKQ80V (if you find this worthwhile then I'd suggest you also put in such enhancement request, then at least there's a chance they pick it up...).

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                    Andre Gajewski Apprentice

                    Thank you. It can help to some extent - I agree. Yes, I will also try with a request. Regards.

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                        Susan Cunningham Expert

                        Hi Andre & Erwin.....

                        I am an Administrator & Event Manager in our Center of Excellence....which our team of two...runs all the events for our sourcing managers....as well a all user & supplier set up & administration...reporting, etc.   Daily I open multiple browser windos to open multiple sessions to either keep administration...a current live event...maybe a search window...and maybe one I am building open so I can jump back and forth. 


                        I too have entered an enhancement request to have the ability to have multiple windows open in one session.


                        Have a great weekend!

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                        Tim Fabiniak Master

                        This isn't supported or anything, but in most configurations, you can have multiple windows open if you follow these rules:


                        1) Do not click New Window.

                        2) Do not click New Tab.

                        3) Do not say Open in New Window.

                        4) To get your 2nd window, go back to the browser icon on your desktop (or wherever) and run it.


                        This won't work for everybody (there are a few settings that will disallow this), but for most folks it'll work. Using two browsers (IE and Firefox, for example) is another good solution, as suggested above.

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                            Kevin Dvorchak Expert

                            The problem with having multiple Ariba sessions is common accross many web based applications, its not just an Ariba problem. If your curious as to why, here is a nice ariticle the covers the detials a bit.



                            The article reference an effective solution which is what I currently use.


                            Solution> Applicable to most of the newer versions of IE:

                            1st: Make sure the Menu bar on your browser is visible. You should have options such as "File","Edit","View","Favorites","Tools"

                            2nd: Select "File" >> "New Session:"

                            3rd:.. Thats it :-)


                            IE will automatically open up a new window that is based on a new browser session. With the new session window you can log into the same Ariba instnace, or a different Ariba instance, and the two windows will not conflict with one another. You can continue to open up more sessions as needed.


                            Good luck keeping track of all those Ariba windows now :-)

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                                Arshan.Bomanjee Master

                                Thanks Kevin. I have tested this and works perfectly fine. I can now open the search results in one window and work on the projects in a new session window. Would have been helpful if the new session would also open as a tab in the current window. Anyway thanks!