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    Suggestions for protecting bookmarks in Ariba Contracts

    Debbie Coberley Journeyman

      Our agreement drafts are typically circulated throughout the company and to suppliers during negotiations.  Does anyone have best practices or suggestions for protecting the bookmarks in the agreements generated from the Ariba contract clause library?  We would like to utilize features to highlight exceptions to terms but these are useless if the bookmarks are modified during negotiations.  Thanks in advance for your ideas!

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          Beverly Dunn Master

          Hi Debbie and thanks for posting your question.  I have shared this with Sharon Horton of the Ariba Best Practice Center.  She will be following up shortly with some suggestions!


          Beverly Dunn

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              Sharon Horton, PMP Master

              Debbie,  Assembled documents are designed so that certain types of editing should be done in outline view.  These are moving and deleting clauses and deleting sections. Although you can delete whole paragraphs in the Word view, you will also need to do some work in the outline view.  Otherwise, the most common item is to not delete across paragraph markers, i.e. don't start a delete in the middle of paragraph 1 and continue (in the same delete process) into the next paragraph.  You should make this a 2 step process by first deleting the part of paragraph 1 then deleting the part paragraph 2.  I usually tell editors to turn off bookmarks and type as normal.

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                  Debbie Coberley Journeyman

                  Thank you for the response, but all of our edits to the contract occur in MS Word as the agreement is exchanged with internal stakeholders and external companies during negotiations.  By the time the document is returned to Ariba, the bookmarks are "toast".  I was hoping there was an easy way to protect the bookmarks in Word to prevent editing.  Whatever we do, it needs to be a simple solution that doesn't require special training in Word to edit a document.  We never know who will be editing the document and redlines can be extensive.  Thanks again for the help! 

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                      Tim Fabiniak Master

                      This is a pretty tough question. My usual suggestion to folks is that the outline view is useful for creating a first draft, but once that document goes out into "the wild," you can't guarantee that the bookmarks will continue to work. I don't think there is a programmatic way to do this - which is to say, I don't think there is a Word feature that will make it work. The best I can think of is this process:


                      1. Build a review task for internal reviews. (You may have this already.)
                      2. Send it to the reviewers as email reviewers or read-only reviewers. (Don't let them update the file directly in Ariba.)
                      3. Have somebody who understands how the bookmarks work incorporate their changes back in. Essentially, only accept the changes or portions of changes which do not delete bookmarks unless both bookmarks are deleted.


                      It sounds like you're doing most of this already, the "extra step" would just be loading the document into the review task and being very mindful of how you accept those changes into the document. It doesn't really fix the problem, but it may help you manage it a little better. Sorry, that's the best I've got! Maybe somebody else has a better idea.