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    News Portlet

    Jason Tenter Journeyman

      My organization has recently suite integrated, adding Invoice Pro and Contract Pro to our Sourcing and Spend Vis modules.  We've discovered as part of this that our news portlets are different for our Sourcing modules than for our Procurement modules.  So far this has been a little confusing for us, since we'd typically like to maintain all of the news about our modules together; I can see the benefit of having separate news sections, though, such as allowing more space for pertinent details related to specific modules.


      I'm wondering how other organizations with both upstream and downstream modules have chosen to deal with their news portlets:  have you populated the portlet with the same news, or divided the scope of the news so it is specific to upstream and downstream modules?  I'm hoping, also, to hear opinions about whether it's been useful having this division of news portlets, or if it's something that has caused problems for your organization.


      Thanks, any thoughts about this would be terrific to hear.

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          Jen Sinatra Novice

          Hi Jason,


          I asked around about your question and had the following reply:

          The RSS feed would be a good option for them. The RSS can be the single point of data so they only have to make updates on one page. I’ve typically seen customers use one RSS feed that contains a combination of both upstream/downstream content such as major dates, updates, training, etc. I have not seen it is used as a daily update for an individual product on an integrated site.

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              Jason Tenter Journeyman

              Thank you for your input, Jen, that's an interesting idea.  We don't typically have a lot of updates, and I could see how using the RSS feed might be a good approach for sharing info across the tool, possibly along with the news portlet sharing static data.  I'll look into what's involved with creating this, and how it functions.


              I am personally not of the mind that the division of news portlets is a bad thing, though.  I'm hoping to have input because I see a definite utility in keeping the two streams separate, but I'm hoping to have opinions from users dealing with the practical effects of this split.  Have you heard any feedback from suite-integrated clients who have been working with both portlets, Jen?