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    Ariba ASN eInvoicing support for SAP "Limit" Order Types

    Michael Einstein Newbie

      We have hit a major obstacle in our implementation of Ariba 9r1 integrated with SAP on our ASN.


      We have discovered that the Ariba ASN does not appear to have any support for SAP "Limit" order type line items (also called "Blanket" or "Framework" orders in the SAP world).

      These are "value based" line items, such as a line that is strictly set at a $50,000 value, and then suppliers should be able to submit multiple invoices against this line of varying amounts until they hit the limit.


      The Ariba ASN is built around lines that have a "Qty" and a "Price", but a Limit line is really a "Value based" line, which is completely different.


      In SAP, the line type of Limit orders is "D" and with a UOM of "AU".  They always have a Qty of "1", but the Qty does not really have any bearing since these are true "value based" orders (what I usually call "bucket of money" type orders).


      We have asked Ariba how to support these on the ASN for eInvoicing, but so far, they  have no solution for us.  They have a few "workarounds", but none are truly acceptable and will result in much confusion on the part of the supplier and would require us to have to change our network settings to allow suppliers to exceed both Qty and Price tolerance.


      Right now, Ariba is saying this will be a "new enhancement" to their product, which I find surprising considering the number of SAP customers they have, and they have no estimate for us as to when this will be possible, or even if it will be possible.


      We use Limit Lines for nearly all of our Service types of Orders, so this gap for us is huge. 


      Is there anyone out there that is an SAP shop integrated with Ariba 9r1 and has found a way to support SAP Limit Order lines through the ASN for eInvoicing?


      If so, I would like to hear from you in terms of how you achieved this.


      Thank You.



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          John Lark Novice



          As the Director of Procurement Marketing for Ariba, I’m sorry to hear you are having challenges.  Ariba 9r1 has repeatedly been integrated to SAP with successful deployments of blanket PO’s, Services spend management, and other far more complex purchasing and spend management situations.  We would be happy to provide you the guidance and direction necessary to successfully meet your business needs.  I will be asking a Director from our 9r1 strategy team to reach out to you within the next day so that we can better understand your issue and help you bring this to a quick and successful resolution.



          John Lark

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            Andreas Muno Expert

            2015 update: SAP has release an Add-On to the SAP Business Suite covering PO limit items and their processing with Ariba Network all the way through invoicing. According to the SAP product documentation, the following line item types are supported by SAP Add-On and Ariba Network:

            • Standard items
            • Third-party items
            • Limit items
            • Service items.

            Certain restrictions apply, please refer to the most recent Administrator's Guide on help.sap.com: http://help.sap.com/se4aribanet10sp07?current=erp-addons


            If you were looking for a quick and easy way to integrate SAP ERP with the Ariba Network for PO and Invoice automation or Discount Management, an SAP Rapid-Deployment solution is available to you for download at service.sap.com/public/rds-ariba.