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    Ariba Pro >> quick projects >> supplier tab >> last login date >> make it standard visible (?)

    Erwin Storms Journeyman

      Our purchasing team struggles with a repetitive action to be taken when following up supplier activity.


      Ariba Pro >> quick project >> supplier tab >> 'last login date' is only visible if one goes through the table options menu. Since this information is key to ALL events I would like to have it visualized by default. This to avoid that our entire purchasing team has to repetitively do manual interventions to visualize information they 'd like to see in all cases. [It takes a lot of "mouse clicks" to get to that necessary info - quite annoying & time consuming].


      How do others do this follow-up work during the initial days after publication? .... I assume in the same way, going through the same repetitive action over and over again??


      Would appreciate  some thoughts on this.

      Thank you !