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    Sourcing Reporting Question

    Susan Cunningham Expert

      I am trying to create a report in Sourcing that incorporates information as follows:


      Sourcing Event Name

      Project Name

      Sourcing Manager (from our Project Overview)

      Event Status (Draft, Open, Pending, Completed)

      Bid Start Date

      Bid End Date

      Participant Names

      Plus 3-4 fields/responses from Participant’s  Supplier Profile.

      Plus Team Member group of names, from Team tab in Project Folder.


      Is there a way to pull in supplier profile fields into an event/project report, as well as names in a group on the team tab?



      Susan Cunningham

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          Tim Fabiniak Master

          It should be relatively easy to get some of these. I've attached a screenshot using a bunch of them using the Event Level Summary fact.


          Sourcing Report.png

          You might be able to get some of the supplier information, it just depends on what you're looking for. I've got Project, Event, Status, Start and End date, and Participants in mine.


          I don't know of a way to get the team members or your Sourcing Manager (unless they're also set as the Project Owner or something.)

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              Susan Cunningham Expert

              Thanks, Tim! 

              I didn't have all of my profile questions set up for analytical reporting...but that is working now.  Unforunately one of my fields is a dollar amount in the profile (and internal question where we capture the client product contribution to the bank)  When pulled into reporting, the value defaults to -9876543210, even if the field has an initial value of zero, or blank.  I have a service request submitted.


              Thanks again.