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    Export a calculated field

    hspanuth Journeyman



      I have created a report with a calculated field. However, when I try to export it with the option "export current table content", the calculated field is not shown correctly.


      Anyone have a solution for that or experienced similar?




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          Tim Fabiniak Master

          Yeah, in general, calculated fields don't export. If you want that field, there's two things you can do:


          1) Just add it in Excel! Of course, you'd have to do it every time you export. So:

          2) Build a custom Excel template for the report so it will appear in the report every time you export.


          The basic steps:


          1) Export the report using the Export button.

          2) Add the calculation on the data worksheet. There should be a column at the end of the list for your formulas. You only need to add the formula to the first data row. (You should see a placeholder)

          3) Save this report to your computer.

          4) In the report, click Actions | Configure Export

          5) Select the link below the list of templates to Upload a new template. Add your file.

          6) In the future, when you export, it should propagate your formula for all data rows and you'll have your calculated field.


          These are from memory, so I might have a few of the details off. Let me know if that works or not!

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              hspanuth Journeyman


              I need to test this, although it sounds not like a step that i could easily teach users


              However, still, I used the "configure export" and I actually clicked "export current table content". The result is:


              - Report in Ariba looks like this:

                   - Column 1: Spend (a figure out of the system)

                   - Column 2: PO % ( a figures calculated with simple calculation)


              - Export to Excel:

                   - Column 1: as above
                   - Column 2: A % figures much different from the one in the above.