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    Previewing Suppliers in Ariba Discovery

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      I am from a buyer organization and would like to know as to why does Ariba Discovery only allow to preview about 10 suppliers and not all the suppliers ( in "Preview Suppliers" tab )? Is there any special access by which the entire list can be viewed? Moreover, can you (Ariba Discovery folks) provide the list of the suppliers as per our requirement ( for example provide the supplier list which are "Minority Owned" in "US" )?


      The "Refine Search" section on the left side of the "Preview Supplier" page only shows the number of suppliers in each category but does not actually allow the user to click on the category name and view the entire list of that particular category. It would be much more convenient if we can click on the category link and browse through all the suppliers in that category.


      Does everyone agree with this? Do voice your thoughts...



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          stefanie frauciel Apprentice

          Hi Arshan,


          Excellent question, i have been wondering about the reason for this limitation. I have asked Ariba lately and got the following answer:

          This is because of the fact that Ariba discovery is not a Vendor look up application. We expect the customers to post their RFPs and then the vendors respond based on the commodities listed in the RFP.



          Whether that is a good reason or not is disputable.


          I agree with your proposal and that's what most customers would like to be able to do as well.




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