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    RFI - Upload of RFI Questions using Excel sheet

    stollenwerk Expert

      We are conducting a complex RFI. How can we upload hundreds of RFI questions into the ARIBA tool?

      Thanks for helping (we are still in the deployment phase)

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          Tim Fabiniak Master

          Sure. These are the basic steps...


          1. On the Content page of an event, start by building a few example questions. You'll use these as templates to build more. I'd suggest building one question of each type you think you'll need: a multiple-choice question, a yes/no question, etc.
          2. Click Excel Import.
          3. On the following screen, there will be a link to open your event as an Excel sheet. Click it.
          4. In the Excel file, find the questions you built previously. (I think it'll be on the Content worksheet, but I might have that name wrong.)
          5. You can use the existing questions to help guide what your new questions will look like. You'll need to extend the numbering and paste in the questions from your source document.
          6. Save the file and re-import it in Ariba on the Excel Import screen.


          There will be a bit of manual tinkering to do with your questions, but for that many, this will help speed things up. Hope that helps!

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            Arshan.Bomanjee Master

            It is also a good idea to have frequently used content saved in the "Sourcing Library" so that you can copy content from the sourcing library instead of creating it or importing it everytime. You do that in the same way as you would import content in a sourcing project except that you import it from the sourcing library.


            Let me know if you need detailed steps for this.