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    Transactional SAP Integration - Integration Toolkit or Netweaver?

    Scott Corbett Master

      I was wondering if the community can share it's experiences of transactional based SAP integration of Purchase Orders/Receipts/Invoices.


      For Master Data that is batched, Netweaver doesn't have a huge advantage over the Integration Toolkit (ITK). For transactional data however, the "real-timeness" is lost with ITK. It would be great if you could provide your experiences, both positive or negative with using ITK or Netweaver for transactional integration. For ITK, how long does it take to turn a PO request into an Order with Ordered status in Ariba?



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          nareshk Expert



          We are with Oracle and not SAP, but I believe ITK component structure is same for Oracle or SAP. So, if it is of any use, the below is some info from my experience with ITK.


          - ITK has a default lag of 30 minutes, which cannot be changed. So, it will pull the status of POs only if they are present in the base tables for atleast 30 minutes.

          - ITK has trouble parsing data with larger csv files like more than 300 lines in the csv. So, manual intervention is needed in these exceptional cases. To avoid this to a good extent, we had the ITK running for every 10 min.

          - Due to the schedules we had, our turn-around time for a PO to be ordered is 40 min - 60 min.




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            David Leonard Journeyman

            Scott, a majority of our customers integrated to SAP use the real-time WebServices/Netweaver integration method for their transactional data (PO's, etc.).  Those same customers overwhelmingly use the ITK to upload master data, although there are a few examples that use Netweaver to push certain master data updates in real time.  This feedback applies to both On-Premise and On-Demand since the integration platform is the same.


            I'll see if I can get some other Ariba folks to respond, but again, it's mostly Netweaver for transactions.

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