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    ASN catalog Subscription Sync process for On-Premise. Challenges?

    nareshk Expert

      We would like to get some feedback from the community on the usage of ASN Catalog Subscription Sync process for Buyer On-Premise.


      We currently have a team of people who monitors ASN for any catalog updates from our Suppliers. And as soon as they receive the notification, they download the catalogs and upload them into our Buyer application manually. We are looking to reduce this manual process by using the ASN Catalog Subscription Sync process that is there in Buyer. So, we would like to know if anyone is already using this process, and if so, what are the challenges being faced.


      From our initial testing, seems like there is a strong limitation from Ariba with regards to the duplicate item validation from catalogs with different subscription names. If the supplier is uploading a catalog with a different subscription name than the previous one, the ASN catalog sync process is loading both the subscriptions into Buyer, there by loading the same items again, even though the supplier's intent is to modify only some items. How do we get around this problem? We feel that Ariba should have included some smart validation to check on the Supplier ID and supplier part number combination.


      Any inputs are greatly appreciated.

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          Pranesh Mehta Expert

          Hi Naresh,


          One option you might have is to add Catalog Manager as an Approver to the Subscription, and he will need to validate if the activating Subscription is required to be added as a catalog to buyer, or if it is a duplicate entry and other negotiation.




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            Randy Scott Novice

            The Ariba Network and the Buyer application both support versioning of the catalog.  The supplier has to version the existing catalog on the Network and then the Buyer application with Catalog Subscription Sync will show you a report of what items have been added, deleted or changed.

            The problem looks like the supplier is giving the uploaded catalog a completely different name and therefore the system thinks it is a different catalog.  Try having the supplier open an existing catalog and then on the contents area click on Create New Version.  This should give you what you need.