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    Multiple Supplier Requisitions

    Lars De Jong Expert



      We are having an issue when raising a Requisition in Ariba Buyer 9R1, it seems that the Line Item numbers are being mixed when creating the PO's.


      For Example we might have a Requisiton with 55 Line Items, but line 36 is for a different supplier to the other 54 lines.  It seems that when the PO is being sent to the ASN the line items on the CXML jump from 35 - 37 even though the internal Ariba PO the line items are OK.  Also when we do a match to an invoice in the App it does not match to the PO Line correctly.


      Any one else having this issue?  Or does anyone know of how to rectify this issue?



      Lars De Jong

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          Pranesh Mehta Expert

          Hi Lars,


          I guess we also faced a similar issue... as a result of which the IR has mismatch and needs to be manually matched, we have raised a ticket with Ariba and I guess they have identified this as a product defect, Let me know if u want the SR and CR# so that you can also confirm the same.



          Pranesh Mehta

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              Lars De Jong Expert

              Hi Pranesh,


              Thanks for replying.


              If you can send me the SR and CR that would be great.


              I have had a closer look at this and it seems that when the Invoice is created and teh PO is pulled in, the OrderLineNumber seems to be referencing the Requisition Line  Numbers not the PO line Numbers, so this causes the InvoiceReconciliation to produce Exceptions.


              Once again thanks for this.




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                  Pranesh Mehta Expert

                  Hi Lars,


                  Sorry for Delayed response.


                  The SR and CR details are as below




                  Details are as below

                  1) Login into  Buyer

                  2) Create a PR with minimum 2 line items.

                  3) Make sure item 1 is marked to one supplier and item 2 is marked to another supplier.

                  4)This will create 2 PO's for 2 different suppliers.

                  5) Buyer will have the line number as 1 on both the PO's.


                  Let me know if you need any further details.

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                rdesantis1 Expert

                We also have the same problem with electronic invoices.  We end up with many Item Unmatched exceptions because of this and it's very frustrating.  There is no reason that the supplier should care about the PR line item #.  Whether their PO came from line 1 of the PR or line 2, the PO line item is 1 and that is what the supplier should be invoicing against. 


                In addition, this issue basically removes one of the benefits of Ariba requisitions, that is creating 1 PR for a purchase and allowing the system to split it into separate POs as needed. We now have to instruct our users to create separate PRs for each purchase where a split might occur, in order to prevent the unmatched exceptions on the invoice side.


                We have also submitted an enhancement request with Ariba: 1-B9KWEZ.  However, I don't see how this should be an enhancement - it seems like a major defect to me.