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    How do you 'change' a PO in 'ordered' status if it is linked to a closed contract?

    vviezaj Newbie

      My company purchased the Contracts module, along with P2P, because of the unique ability to link a requisition/PO directly to a contract.

      This is performed by creating 'pricing terms' on the contract and "pushing" them downstream to P2P.

      However, I am discovering serious limitations to this partership between contracts and P2P.


      I created a requisition and pulled in the pricing terms of a contract into the requisition. The PO was sent to the supplier and moved into "Ordered" status.


      This is when my problem started.I needed to 'change' the PO because the the commodity code was wrong. However, since the contract had a maximum amount limit, the contract closed.

      Unfortunately, when a contract closes, the PO's linked to this contract are no longer able to be changed.

      And worse still, a closed contract is unable to be ammended. the only option I had was to cancel the PO.

      I had to cancel a $10 million dollar order - totally unacceptable.


      Is there a workaround to this problem?