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    Supplier invoicing Tax

    Lou Valdes Journeyman

      Some states require tax on shipping, thereby the supplier has to invoice for sales tax on the line item and sales tax on shipping.  How does your supplier invoice for both when the AN does not allow you to bill 2 taxes for 1 line item?  We need it to be a sales tax because we are using the Sabix tax solution with P2P.

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          Brady Behrman Expert

          Our Punchout Catalog Customer Integrations do not charge tax through the punchout process. Very few of our customers do charge shipping but tax has not been in their requirements. As far as normal B2C ecommerce practices, it's typical to charge tax to a buyer purchasing from within the same state. Many B2B buyers may be tax exempt, this may be something to look at from instance to instance. Hope this helps.


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