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    Behavior that sets status of a Workspace Phase...not what I expected...Do you Agree?

    Bob Biros Expert

      I cannot find anything in the Ariba ootb documentation specifically related to setting the status on a Phase of a project workspace.

      We have an on-premise instance. I was told by Ariba Support that the behavior I was seeing is out of the box behavior, but it is not a good one in my opinion.

      Let me explain.

      The issue was that I had a project workspace phase with 4 optional tasks.

      I mark 3 of the tasks as started… thus the tasks and phase showed a status of in-progress.

      I completed 1 of the 3 in-progress tasks, and the Entire Phase status is changed to ‘Completed’…even with other tasks still in-progress.



      With this behavior, a phase appears to be marked automatically complete…

      • (a)    When all required tasks are completed (...in my case I did not have any required tasks)
      • (b)   If no required tasks exists, when the first optional task is completed

      even when there are other optional tasks in-progress and not yet completed.


      The end-state is that the Phase is marked completed and the optional tasks remain in-progress...not what I expected or would want to happen.


      I believe a better behavior is that the phase should not go to complete status if other optional tasks are still in-progress.


      Your thoughts?
      Do you have this same situation?

      Perhaps an enhancement is needed to make this a customizable setting: "Mark Phase complete whith optional tasks in-progress? Y/N"