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    Different business model ordering process

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      Our business model relies on our reps in the field.  Our reps order their own products, products are shipped to the reps and they personally visit the customer, deliver the product and write the invoice.  We have several customers who would like to know how we intend to connect to their e-procurement system.  With this model it seems that this is not possible for our organization unless the rep in the field can place the order on behalf of the client.  It must be understood that everything happens after the fact.  Has anyone encountered such a situation?

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          Jim Cantrell Novice

          Hi Lauren,

          This is not an uncommon model.  And while it doesn't dovetail into the vanilla PO/INV models, it can be accomodated. 


          The key thing to keep in mind is that your salespeople are writing sales orders not purchase orders.  Do they receive a PO# from their client when they write the order (Helpful, but not crucial for reconciling invoices)?  You could implement a system for your scenario easily - and even integrate it with a platform like Ariba (Or not, and simply do point to point).     


          If you have reps get a signature for a delivery rather than just dropping an invoice you will actually have a much more accurate system that your clients will appreciate.  Sounds like you already provide a huge level of customer service - couple that with very fast (More accurate) invoicing, POR's and you've got a great system.


          Hope that helps, happy to expand further.




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