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    BPO Item Description - UNSPSC Code Placement

    Gretchen Harms Expert

      We are having challenges with existing functionality on BPO's related to the placement of the item description on various screens/documents (invoices in P2P, IR's in P2P, BPO line items that the suppliers see). From an invoicing perspective, the item description we enter on the BPO's is not handled like a PO line item. For BPO's...on the invoice screen we see the UNSPSC code in the field we normally see the item description in. On the IR's we don't see the item description at all. If I act as a supplier and try to invoice against the BPO, the UNSPSC code and the UNSPSC description is being appended to the front of our item description. We have entered several ER's for this behavior, but need some other Ariba customers to join forces with to make this a priority to Ariba. Thanks for listening.

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          Nancy Beltran Journeyman

          Hi Gretchen,


          We had the same issue when we were rolling out BPO's during our implementation.  Because of this and several other issues, we preferred to have suppliers not punch-in to our site for invoicing.  Our implementation team presented several issues related to contract BPO's to Ariba support.  In reviewing our logged ER's, I didn't see one created for the issue of UNSPSC code being appended to the front of the item description.  I will be logging an ER for this, as we have this issue on about 100-150 contracts.


          Thank you,


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              Gretchen Harms Expert

              Hi, Nancy. Thank you for the reply.


              Our enhancement requests for this are:






              Feel free to reference these, so you don't have to restate the issue

              entirely. Your Ariba rep should be able to help you do this.


              Feel free to contact me anytime if you have any other issues with BPO's

              we have lots of experience and are happy to share info.