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    Tier Pricing Events

    Craig McKenzie Apprentice



      I have been looking for a "Lunch N' Learn" video or something of that nature discussing/showing the intricacies of tiered pricing reverse auctions.  Is such available (if so, I apologize, thought I had scoured the site).  Or, is there a Cheat-Sheet or something of that nature?


      Thanks, Craig.

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          David Morel Master

          Craig...depending upon what you are trying to do, I can suggest different ways to handle. Based upon your message and statement about using in an auction, then I am assuming you are going to define the tiers yourself. I would recommend you to define the tiers via multiple line items, maybe even use matrix terms. If you are using an RFP and letting suppliers build their own tiers, you can use the alternative bidding. Which is more like your scenario?

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              Craig McKenzie Apprentice

              Thanks David.


              I had read that matrix pricing was not really best practice when dealing with quantities, etc.  I do see how it will work, and, I’ll take that approach.  For some reason I thought there was a different mechanism (not using alternative).


              Basically, I have 5 different print jobs that I need to get tier pricing on (about 4 tiers each).  That being said this could easily be viewed as a 20 line item event, which, I feel it a little too much for a reverse auction.  Unfortunately, it needs to be completed all at once.


              Thanks for the feedback.


              Craig McKenzie


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