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    Cost Break Down Quotations

    hspanuth Journeyman


      I was wondering if anyone has successfully implemented cost break down quotations directly in the Ariba tool? What we are looking after is possibility to quote a list of part numbers and each part number broken down into e.g. material cost, labor cost, overhead, profit, etc.. This should be somehow possible in an easy to fill matrix structure for the supplier (like one would do in a traditional excel sheet).


      Thanks for any hints and tips in this reagard.


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          Tim Fabiniak Master

          Ariba has a standard RFP with Price Breakdown template that should help. With a Price Breakdown item, the Price isn't entered directly, it's computed based on one or more price terms. When you build the line item, you'll add Item Terms for each of the breakdown components. (From the box that lists Price, Quantity, Extended Price, Savings, etc, click Add Term and select the tab for New Term.)


          Let me know if you want/need more detailed steps. As far as customer success with this process, I'll let others chime in.

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            David Morel Master

            Yes, you can have your terms displayed in columns, but I have found if you have too many terms, the supplier has to scroll right and left. That is not a pleasant experience for the supplier entering values. In such a case, having the terms on seperate rows makes entering values very easy. You could also utilize the Custom Offline Response Sheet functionality. This allows you to define the spreadsheet that suppliers would use for responding to the event. It is additional work, but if you have a lot of items/terms you can define the excel sheet exactly how you want it to work.

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