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    Issue with Carriage-Return Line-Feed in Supplier Address field.  Do you have this too?

    Bob Biros Expert

      We have several Suppliers where the Street address contains one or more carriage-return line-feed characters (HEX ‘0d 0A’).
      This causes an issue when accessing a csv file produced from an AQL query or a Supplier Dimension extract.

      For example:
      Select SupplierId, StreetAddress from Supplier Where SupplierId = '1234'




      SupplierId StreetAddress           
      40098     123 MAIN STREET

      The Street Address is:
      123 MAIN STREET


      I'd like the address to not contain the carriage return line feed and be

      123 MAIN STREET #1400


      A few questions:


      (1) Do others have this same issue with The supplier Address or perhaps another field?  If yes, how have you handled it



      (2) How can I remove all CR LF character from the Street Address field in my Supplier Dimension and replace with a single space.

      (3) Is there a way in AQL to identify these suppliers? 
         e.g.  how to specify a WHERE clause like “WHERE StreetAddress Like ‘%HEX(0d0a)%’