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    Reverse Auctions for Spot Print Buys

    Don Obrzut Novice

      Looking for information on reverse auctions for the purchase of spot print buys.  Has anyone created a shorter/simpler reverse auction template, ie. how many, what are specs, and delivery info.  One or two items at a time and usually same group of 15 or so suppliers.

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          jambrose Expert

          Hi Don,


          We've run many commercial and circular print auctions.  We also run many ongoing spot buy auctions, however not for print.  I'm not sure if this answers your question, however for the spot buys we use the following process:


          • We will utilize a full project template and title the Project "XXXXX 2012". 
          • We will include all business terms, ship to locations, etc in our bid documentation.
          • Conduct a Training event before the first buy.
          • Build the auction, as an event in the full project and specify the buying period.  For example, Purchases between  XXX Buying Period -  01/01/2012 - 01/31/2012.
          • Run auction.
          • For the next buy, we'll copy the previous event and update quantities/specs if needed.
          • Communicate the timeline and new buy period.
          • Conduct training for new suppliers as needed.


          Using the full project you can capture a set periods worth of spot buy auctions within in one project.