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    Processes used to raise and review a request

    f.hodgkins Novice

      I have been tasked with reviewing how we currently use the Ariba system to raise and review requests.  In a nutshell our process is as follows:


      Standard Request: Business complete the contract request and the task list (uploading the draft agreement and seeking the necessary approval for spend).  Once the request has been fully submitted and approved Ariba sends an email to the Legal team who will create a follow on project Workspace.  This workspace has a number of tasks of an administrative nature (e.g. add requester to the team tab and print contract).  Once a fully executed agreement is received back the team complete the final task in the task list and publish the workspace.


      Amendment or Extension: This follows the above process with the business submitting an entirely new request.  The main difference is that when it comes to the legal team they locate the agreement to be amended and link the new workspace (by way of a parent & child relationship field).


      I would be interested to know how other people use the system and what processes you have in place.


      Thanks in advance.