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    Encouraging eSourcing use

    jrose Novice

      What techniques, strategies, etc have you used to encourage, promote and recruit directors in your organization to use eSourcing tools?

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          Brian Levow Master

          demos during staff meetings, finding a very simple easy piece of low hanging fruit to use as a test case, having a power user to do the 'heavy lifting' in the tool (design) so that others don't have to, etc.

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            stollenwerk Expert


            that would be great. Thank you so much



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              Andrew Gill Master



              This is a great topic.


              One of the biggest challenges is helping people understand that 'price' isn't or needn't be the only factor in their decision making.  Many people I meet for the first time are nervous that eSourcing will mean they must use the lowest cost supplier, and we'll use Google* to find suppliers.


              So within one or two minutes of my first conversation, I talk thru some of the eSourcing myths and ask if people have any questions they want to ask right away.  You'll recognise that the second part works well in any presentation because it helps concentrate on the next 20 minutes, rather than reminding themselves to ask 'their' question.


              • eSourcing doesn’t just mean eAuctions
              • eSourcing doesn’t mean using the lowest cost supplier
              • The eSourcing Team won’t decide who wins the contract
              • Global Procurement won’t decide who wins the contract


              I find talking about these so quickly generally removes a lot of fear, makes them more relaxed, helps them realise it's not 'all about the money'


              I agree with Brian, nothing beats talking about eSourcing.  I say I have the best job in the world, it's exciting, fast paced, and I truly believe there is no sourcing project, involving more than one supplier where eSourcing can't add value and help the team







              Andrew Gill | Global eSourcing Manager | Reed Elsevier




              * Other search engines are available.

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                  James Lambert Novice

                  I couldn't agree more with the sentiments expressed here. We're just beginning our roll out and I've been having meetings with our regional procurement leaders as well as our global category managers. The only thing I'd add to the above is that I have been starting the meetings with a clear definition. eSourcing means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Indeed, our LAO organisation has a project entitled eSourcing - but this project is more concerned with EDI for orders and invoices as well as forecast sharing. Once the definition is complete, then it's on to dispelling myths and asking for early questions.

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                    Brad Hess Newbie

                    E-Sourcing is a faster, cost effective way of finding products and conducting negotiations. Founded on a web-based platform, e-sourcing ensures smooth and clear communication, and is a more profitable business tool for both the suppliers as well as customers.  That said, if anyone requires anything tech related, let me know…



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