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    Question for any on-Premise Savings form users - re: Auto upload

    Joel Sotelo Newbie

      We are an on-premise site and long time user of sourcing that recently began using the Savings D-Form feature as of September, 2011 to track savings opportunities. User adoption has been generally OK but, because we migrated the process from a home-grown system, we have had one major obstacle to achieving total user satisfaction.


      Where the old system allowed users to dynamically upload savings line item data from Excel spreadsheets in real time, the Ariba savings solution does not appear to allow this. As a result, users must manually type in each line item, which is both tedious and time consuming.


      Our IT developers have looked at the problem and the best they can come up with so far is to create a CSV file that gets loaded into the ABA periodically and has a system event run against it. Obviously, this is neither dynamic nor real time, so it will not work for our users.


      Just wondering if any other on-premise customers are using this feature and whether they have also faced this issue and resolved it in some unique way that they would be willing to share.


      Thanks very much.