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    Can you delete suppliers systematically?

    Andy Garlington Journeyman

      I have a list of unused suppliers that I want to clean up.  Is there a way to systematically delete suppliers in bulk and not have to delete one by one? 

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          Tim Fabiniak Master

          A bulk delete? You can do it with a data-load task. Assuming you're using Ariba On-Demand (and you have the appropriate permissions), you can do the following:


          1. Go to Manage | Administration
          2. Go to Site Manager and select Data Import/Export
          3. From the import tab, you can use one of two tasks (probably easiest to use the first here):
            1. Import Supplier Organizations (CSV)
            2. Import Supplier and Customer Organizations
          4. Click Import
          5. Select the Deactivate option
          6. Load the file of suppliers to Deactivate


          Okay, so there's a lot of work to do before you get to this point. You need a list of the suppliers in the proper format for the deactivation. I'll do an example here with Import Supplier Organizations (CSV). You need two files for this, I'll just call them Deactivate1.csv and Deactivate2.csv






          <list of supplier IDs to delete>


          Here's one that I just used to test the process:






          You can get that ACM_<number> ID from the supplier profile, an export, etc.


          Then Deactivate2.csv, just one line (the encoding):




          These should be plain-text files (use Notepad). Run the Import Supplier Organizations (CSV) task, select Deactivate, pass in those two files (in order), and run. It should delete/deactivate all the supplier IDs you've listed. (Of course, the hard part here is getting the list of supplier IDs.)


          Let me know if you run into any troubles with that, I'm sure other folks here will find it useful.