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    Surveys for Travel suppliers and Staffing suppliers

    Mike Uddin Expert

      We would like to learn from others who have successfully engaged Travel Services suppliers/stakeholders and Staffing suppliers/stakeholders using Supplier Performance Management surveys.  It can be challenging to identifying appropriate stakeholders and asking the right questions of each audience (for example: travelers themselves, admins who book 80% of travel, travel operations folks who regularly interface with the supplier).  Given the diverse audience, we are thinking about taking a path whereby different questions appear for different "groups" of stakeholder participants.  A subset of questions could consistently appear for all stakeholder participants.  This is laborious, but possible in the SIPM module.  Have others taken a similar approach?  Was it successful, or too challenging to manage such surveys?


      Also, I believe Ariba had planned to build a referential library with survey questions akin to sample RFx questions.  Has that resource been created?  If not, would anyone be willing to share sample SPM questions they've used in past surveys related to Travel Services suppliers and Staffing suppliers?