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    ARIBA Buyer System Migration from server to server

    suennw Newbie



      has anybody experiences about the technical migration of Ariba version 8.2.2 from one server to another one? Any indication about effort or costs for the technical migration?



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          Majid Majid Apprentice

          It should be between 2 - 8 months depending on the complexity and the scale of Ariba project.

          Majority of the time we spend for building the environments( e.g. DEV/QA/PRE-PROD/PROD etc) and ensure the connectivity with external system(s).

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            Michael Odom Expert

            There are a number of variables that can affect the time this takes:

            • Are you simply moving from one machine to another within the same data center, or are you migrating to a brand new data center?
            • Are you moving all instances (Development, Test, QA/Staging, Production) or a subset of environments?
            • Are you connected to any external systems?
            • Will the new environment have different connectivity rules (blocked ports, firewall restrictions, etc.)?
            • Are you changing the web server, app server, and DB server at the same time, or just a subset?


            These are just a few considerations.  If this is a simple move of your Ariba application server configuration/customizations, this could take just a few days (if that).  If you're looking at a comprehensive migration (replacing all servers, moving to a new data center, setting up all instances with new hardware, etc.), this could take several weeks or months.


            Majid's response sounds like they did a comprehensive migration of all environments.