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    Essentials for Successful eSourcing

    Andrew Gill Master



      I've seen lots of great messages about sharing existing templates, principles and ideas on here, and wanted to contribute one of the topics I talk with internal folks on kick off calls and ask if other folks have principles / presentations / handouts they're able to share.


      Deciding if something, should or shouldn't be eSourcing comes down to three principles we're all most likely already using every day


      • Can we clearly specify it?
      • Is there competition in the marketplace?
      • Is it attractive to suppliers?


      If the answers are yes, then no matter if it's consulting, website development, or boxes with bar codes, we can eSource it.


      Building and publishing a project is a team effort, here are the Five Essentials for Successful eSourcing that I've developed


      • Correct Points of Contact with the supplier.
      • Clearly written Requirements / Scope or Schedule of Work
      • Clearly written questions for suppliers
      • Realistic timetable
      • Correctly completed eSourcing template


      It's not rocket science, but it's in a handy, easy to use and digest format.


      Five Essentials (PDF) http://db.tt/8idmhiy2

      Five Essentails (PPTX) http://db.tt/w3sbEPYK


      I hope it's useful, and really welcome other people sharing.







      Andrew Gill | Global eSourcing Manager | Reed Elsevier