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    Analysis data dictionary?

    rdesantis1 Expert

      Does anyone have, or is anyone aware of, a full data dictionary for Analysis?  I'm looking for definitions and data sources for all the OOTB facts, measures, and dimensions,  Specifically, we are looking to hide some of the measures and dimensions that don't have any data for us or we don't use, but it's difficult to figure that out without knowing what project or approvable field they are pointing to.  Or for calculated measures, what fields are used in the calculations.



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          Manny Cortez Expert

          Hi Rebecca,


          have you seen the new Data Dictionary that was just released with 12s1?  If not, go to Help@Ariba from any Ariba Prod. Realm and reference the "Reporting Field Dictionary" link within Product Documentation.  Click on the link and you should see an Excel workbook with detailed field information.  I've also just uploaded a copy of the Data Dictionary to Exchange.  Check it out and let me know what you think.  It would be great to get your feedback.


          Also new with 12s1 are improvements to the Reporting Fact Reference Guide.  The doc. now contains a lot of the information that you were asking about.  We've not completed rollout of the new format for all facts but we are continuing to work on it and over time we should have all facts under the new format.


          If you have time, please take a look at both new changes and let me know what you think.





          Analysis Product Manager

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              rdesantis1 Expert

              Manny - I just downloaded it and will take a look.  Thank you!

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                Frédéric Henri Expert

                Thanks Manny for sharing your files -


                I think I'll do the same, have some issues though to upload from exchange on this thread

                I add a link on my site - file is there http://www.fhsolution.com/AnalysisSchemaReport.xls


                The report is built based on a scheduled task (available then for on premise customers)

                The task takes one argument which is a user profile, and will highlight for this profile what is visible or not, so the task will evaluate all visibility condition to display what will be your view if you go in the system. Also it runs against your metadata so will review all the fact/dimensions information available in the system


                The idea was more to have like an admin offline view of the schema, so you can browse from facts to dimensions

                It has been really usefull on a project with a customer where we did a lot of review in Analysis (remove/add dimensions, renaming ...)


                Please take a look at the file and let me know what you think and what would be missing