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    Discovery, Do you have experience of finding suppliers in Europe?

    laurae Newbie

      I'm in a process of finding suppliers for hardware in Europe, LA and Asia. I posted it in Dicovery and most part of the suppliers are based in the US. I would like to kno how easy is to get feedback from Europe based suppliers.

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          Ceylan Thomson Ariba Contributor

          Hi Laura,


          Thanks for posting your buying needs on Ariba Discovery. There are over 700,000 suppliers  on Ariba Discovery, and a large portion of them are outside of the United States. The number of responses you will get to your posting depends on a couple of factors, such as the items or countries you're looking for. Sometimes, it's easier to find matching suppliers if you don't expect a single supplier to cover all territories or products. That way, you might be able to find multiple suppliers who can cover part of what you're looking for.


          Here's a case study that covers how US-based Abercrombie & Fitch discovered Germany-based EASI on Ariba Discovery: http://exchange.ariba.com/docs/DOC-1967 . And this one gives you more insights on how Jotun Paints (a Norwegian company) discovered packaging suppliers for its UK business: http://exchange.ariba.com/docs/DOC-2312


          Feel free to reach out with any further questions.