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    Ariba Contract Workspace - Reporting Requirments

    Carolyn Reed Novice

      As part of the standard pre-packaged reporting suite, there is not a reporting option available to check for workspaces without contract attachments. Ariba Support are unable to add this as a requirement before 2013 and I was wondering if this is an issue that affects anyone else.


      Regards, Carolyn

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          Neil Campbell Expert

          Yes most definately this affects us in AVIVA.  It is really annoying having to go into the ACW record to check if there is an attachment in the project. If this could be shown at a reporting level it would be excellent.

          As far as I am aware this is not just limited to ACW as I can also not see if I add an attachment to a task in any project.


          Would be a very good enhancement to accelerate into production.