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    "Import Supplier Logo" in P2P On Demand

    Andrew Hall Apprentice

      Just wondering if anyone has successfully used the "Import Supplier Logo" option on the Catalog Manager screen in P2P On Demand? I've checked that the zip file I'm running in meets the criteria specified by Ariba (less than 20KB, images in GIF format and less than 250 x 100 pixels in size) and when I run it I get the message saying that it's run successfully, but I don't actually see the supplier logos in the site anywhere.


      I was thinking they would appear on the Create Requisition screen when you sort the catalogue items by supplier but the task just doesn't seem to do anything!




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          pkhurana Apprentice

          Hi Andy


          For importing the supplier logos you need to have a zip file which contains the

          1. SupplierLogos.csv (comprising of the buyersystemid (supplier id) to the supplier logo mapping info)
          2. Supplier Logo image


          A screen shot of SupplierLogos.csv file is attached


          Steps to display Supplier Logo's
          1. Prepare the Supplier Logo image and SupplierLogos.csv and zip the files
          2. Navigate to Manage-> Core Administration
          3. Select Catalog Manager->Catalogs
          4. Click on "Import Supplier Logo" and the and import the zip file at step 1
             (Note: You can also import an individual image file and the the SupplierLogos.csv file.)
          5. Go to Search-> catalog and push "Search" button.
          6. Click to "Suppliers" link at the right upper corner i.e browse by suppliers.
          7. The supplier logo image will appear on this page.