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    Supplier Manager and Supplier Agent Roles

    Anoop Thakur Apprentice

      I understand that Supplier Agent can create supplier during the event creation, however it requires the supplier managers approval before such a supplier could be invited to participate in a RFx.


      I am looking for a way that I can empower my buyers to create suppliers during event creation without waiting for Supplier Manager's approval. I only want the suppliers who are doing self registration from the supplier portal to be coming to the Supplier Manager for approval.


      Please suggest how this functionality can be achieved.

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          jreeves Master

          Supplier Managers can both approve and create suppliers without approval.  Today, there is NOT a group of users who are only allowed to create suppliers but can't approve.  You can only do this by using our Supplier Information Management solution  This solution will allow you to configure which groups of users need to approve your self registered suppliers.  Therefore you will give Supplier Manager permissions to all of your users, but route approvals to the right team members.