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    Importing Vendor Master Data

    Anoop Thakur Apprentice

      We have just started our journey towards implementing Ariba Sourcing (prior to this we had a SAP backbone with a manual sourcing process) and we are looking to migrate all our existing suppliers to Ariba Sourcing. We have Approved vendor lists that need to be uploaded and configured in Ariba Sourcing. As I understand, as part of enablement workbook we can upload the vendors and even the categories supplied. But I am not sure hw to classify some of those categories as approved in the uploaded list.


      Appreciate your help



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          Rostislav Oklestek Expert

          Hi Anoop,


          we were solving similar problem. We incorporated the "Approved Commodities" field into the Supplier Profile Questionnaire (SPQ) and mark this field as an internal field (not visible for suppliers). Then we uploaded existing suppliers to Ariba by a mass upload and subsequently also exported SPQs for them from Ariba. We received the SPQs in a form of CSV so we were able to fill in the "Approved Commodities" field with values from old system and import SPQs back to the system. From that moment we manage approved commodities only in Ariba.

          You can find the Export/Import of SPQs in Ariba as "Supplier Profile Import/Export" in menu Administration.


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