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    Partial item helper text for parametric fields

    Thomas Richer Expert

      A commodity we are looking to implement has a requirement to add parametric data to the catalog items in order to approve and streamline the process.

      The problem is that the fields are not very user friendly in terms of naming and associating what the appropriate response should be given the situation.


      So the question is: Is it possible to have helper text displayed for the parametric data fields?

      For example: Field Name [chooser box with responses] - helper text or URL to link to guide to responding.


      If not then my next thought is to include a parametric field that is already populated with the link to the helper text, wondering if that is possible?





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          zaheerbasra Apprentice

          Hi Thomas,


          I think you can get help with the <SupplierPartAuxiliaryID> element regarding this. Check how we can pass any data along with this element even whole bunch of xml data and as this element is row level (each item) level under the ItemId node so you can link each item with its own set of parametric value in it.

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            Thomas Richer Expert

            I have found it possible to supply an information parametric field, by creating a field and supplying an enumeration value but omitting the isCollection attribute. Which only shows the one value.

            However I've also found that in so doing the user would have to select the value.

            That being said the value can be specified on the catalogue line item to display the required enumeration value.

            Sample of the information field below:


            <TypeAttribute name="FlexProcureInfo" type="Name" isRequiredForOrdering="yes">

            <Name xml:lang="en-CA">Director's Flex Procurement (info)</Name>

            <Name xml:lang="fr-CA">Approvisionnement discretionnaire du directeur (information)</Name>


            <Extrinsic name="CanonicalValue">DFPInfo</Extrinsic>

            <Name xml:lang="en-CA">English helper text is inserted here</Name>

            <Name xml:lang="fr-CA">French helper test is inserted here</Name>






            In the catalogue in the parametric data the entry would look like: {FlexProcureInfo=dfpinfo;} in addition to any other restrictions