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    Analysis Report Management

    Thomas Richer Expert

      We are trying to setup a cooperative management system of all the public reports we have in Analysis.

      As such we have memebers of the Report Manager group and/or a custom group for this purpose.


      Reports however are created by individuals and those individuals are assigned as the owners of the reports. Seemingly the buyer can be made to be a group, once done we expect that members of that group can then edit the report. They cannot however and are given the "this is a shared public report you don't have permission to save it, you can save to your personal worksapce...." error upon saving.

      Funny thing is however, since they are project owner of the Public report workspace they can just or rather must change the buyer to themselves before they can edit and save the reports.


      I guess the question is has anyone managed to have multiple owners of reports or a way for the public folder owners to be able to edit the reports they rightly shoudl be able to?


      Are we missing a permission, group or role?


      Any insights help.