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    cXML statement that performs a PO lookup

    Linda Pickering Novice

      I am a supplier who uploads cXML invoice files to the Ariba network.  We do not use the network interactively.  We have buyers who request that we map our invoice line items to corresponding lines on the PO. We provide this information.  Buyers sometimes also ask for additional line item information that exists only on their PO; Part # is an example.  We do not use Part #'s in our industry and typically send "Not Available" unless matching the PO is required.   I was wondering if there was a way to state "obtain from PO" as the Part # value in the Invoice cXML?   The PO is available on the AN and if we are providing the PO # and the PO line # that all related information can be picked up from the PO side.  We store very little PO information on our accounts receivable system, so it is cumbersome to record Part #'s just so we can include them in the invoice file.  Hoping someone else has experienced this problem and can offer some ideas/solutions.   Thanks