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    Public Reports & Folders

    rdesantis1 Expert

      We are an on-premise customer.  When we upgraded to 9r1 last year, the public report folders from 8.2.2 were migrated over into the Public Reports project.  We have had a number of challenges using the Public Reports project and I was hoping for some best practices, suggestions, etc?


      1.  Within the Public Reports, we have a number of folders for users who are no longer with our company.  Is there any way to delete/deactivate these folders?


      2.  In order for any of our end users to create/edit/delete reports in their own folder, they have to be part of the Project Owner group for the whole Public Reports project.  Which means they can create/edit/delete reports under everyone else's folders as well.  And since there is no history or tracking of edits to an Analysis report, there's no way to know if someone else messed up your report accidentally.  Have any other customers discovered a way to restrict end users' abilities to only create/edit/delete reports in their own folder in the Public Reports project?  Or are there any other suggestions on how to make it work?


      3.  Is it a bug that Analysis folders and reports cannot be sorted by name?  You can sort by Owner, Status, etc., but not by the report or folder Name.  That seems strange.


      Thanks for your help!

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          Frédéric Henri Expert

          Hi Rebecca,


          When we did the migration at one customer, we had the same issue - the users were highly using the public/private folder to manage their reports.

          We then design it the following way:

          From the public reports:

               only the project + core team can manage it and create folder/reports

               the public reports structure has a main folder with identical structure for all our business (spend/contract/sourcing ... folders) + a link to a public sharing points report


          The public sharing points report is a placeholder for each business where all users from the business can save reports which they want to share with others.

          Super users from businesses can create a folder with their name to manage their reports

          we also built a scheduled task that runs once a month and archive all reports from the root into an archive directory in the project so it does not look like a mess when we open the project document tab


          3. which SP are you on ? I believe that has been handled by ariba in a later SP, else in the meantime we did add the MyTitle field in the table options so this field was sortable




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            Josh Patterson Newbie


            Did you ever find a way to delete or deactivate public folders?  If so, were able to delete them in mass?  We have over 1000 public folders and each of those has default reports stored within them.  I can delete a folder but it is very time consuming because I need to first delete all the reports and sub folders before I can delete the high level folder that is assigned to that user. Any help would be appreciated.



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                rdesantis1 Expert



                I ended up creating an "Archive" folder in the Public Folder project and moving the public folders for inactive users there.  It's not an ideal solution, but at least it shortens greatly the main list of public folders that you have to sort through.


                Hope that helps.