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    Service Pack Upgrades

    rdesantis1 Expert

      We are currently on SP17 and looking to upgrade to SP23 at the end of this year.  I was wondering if anyone has run into any challenges or unexpected changes/results with any of the fixes in SP18 through 23?

      Last year, we upgraded from SP13 to SP17 and ran into two major bugs that we had to get Hot Fixes for (both of which are now included in SP19 and 21).  Of course, we would like to avoid those types of issues this time around. 


      Also, how are other customers managing service pack upgrades?  Do you pretty much install each SP as it is released? Or do you have a scheduled maintenance process to manage these upgrades?  How deeply do you regression test the service pack fixes?



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          Frédéric Henri Expert

          Hi Rebecca,


          what is your scope ?

          I work with 2 customers with upstream mainly (analysis/sourcing/contract/spm) and there is really 2 different approaches:

          - on one it is hosted by ariba and we are more or less forced to go for each SP (we might skip one but this is generally not the rule)

          we have regression tests run by the support team mainly against our customization - if we find an issue against our customization, we fix pretty quickly and apply SP

          Of course we had some regressions and had to request HF but more or less I would say it works okay. Following our SR lists, I believe there's always 1 or 2 things at least that we are expecting from SP and we can show regularly to the user community that we are progressing on issue resolution


          - one the second customer I am working with, there is mainly 1 or 2 release scheduled per year, and unless there is a showstopper that does not change

          It is hosted internally and they did core code modifications during the migration.

          In August we deployed SP20 (we applied latest HF for performance) from SP12 and it went fine, but we are doing more intense testing (there is about 4 to 6 weeks testing) as after we go live we have to wait for the next release to fix things


          Hope that helps,


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            Akshay Pole Journeyman

            Hi Rebecca,


            With my experience I would suggest doing a thorough analysis of what has been updated and what has been changed in the upcoming service pack helps in taking the decision.


            What we have always tried is to find out:


            1) What new features or functionality we would be getting from a particular SP.

            2) How many existing issues will get fixed by the new SP?

            3) What are known issues so far from the new SP.

            4) If there are any known issues then when Ariba is going to address them and in which future SP.

            5) How many fixes in the SP are relevant for our build or system.

            6) How many core code changes are impacted by the new SP - This is critical as the more core code changes you have in the system the more critical it gets to redo them and get them tested properly.


            Note: We usually prefer to Upgrade yearly around the same time of the year but not to the latest SP, we prefer last but one so that we get enough info time to study the details of the SP and it helps us in avoiding any major issues after upgrade.


            Hope this helps,