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    Filtering the tasks on the Sourcing dashboard To Do panel

    Debbie Coberley Journeyman

      Does anyone know if the To Do panel on the Sourcing Dashboard can be modified to only show open/incomplete tasks?  We have the option to view more...  and filter the tasks that display on next screen but the settings are not saved and have no impact on the tasks that display on the To Do panel of the Dashboard.  When someone is a team member or part of a group that is listed on multiple projects, the To Do panel fills up fast with non-essential activities or completed tasks from these projects.  Now our Project Owners have begun to ignore the Dashboard. 


      Thanks in advance to anyone that has a helpful hint!

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          Tim Fabiniak Master

          I believe there is a setting that controls how many days completed tasks will remain in the portlet. The default is 7, I think? By changing it to 1 or 0, you could reduce the number of completed tasks shown in the To Do.


          (Somebody else back me up or correct me on this parameter if you're familiar with it.)


          You'd have to create a support ticket for it, as it's a site-level setting that you cannot change yourself.