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    Best RFP type for business card RFP

    clewleya Novice

      I'm looking to run a business card RFP.  The cost components are:  cost per card per order size (0-250, 251 - 500, 501+), shipping location, uplift for expedited shipping.


      What would you recommend as the RFP type (RFP, RFP with price breakdown or RFP with total cost).





        • Best RFP type for business card RFP
          Beverly Dunn Master

          Hi --- not sure if you have seen our RFP Template Hub, but this is a place you might find what you are looking for.  The concept is that we are looking for our many customers to share and take as needed.  If you have some templates that others may benefit from, please upload them.  In turn, feel free to look around and see if there are templates you might benefit from.


          Here is the link -- http://exchange.ariba.com/community/solutions/sourcing/tags#/?recursive=false&tags=rfp_template


          Good Luck!

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            Tim Fabiniak Master

            You can probably just use RFP. Your "cost per card" is the price term. You only have one quantity field, but you could just create three line items, one for each quantity break. (You can also create new terms on the item if you only want to use one item.)


            Now, if you want the expedited shipping to be part of a calculation for a total cost, then the total cost template will work better, but if you're satisfied just collecting the information and comparing the base price, the standard RFP template should work.


            I'm sure other folks can chime in with additional opinions as well.

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