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    Is there a way to calculate difference between 2 dates (e.g task end dates) while developing reports?

    Anoop Thakur Apprentice

      I have multiple tasks in my sourcing projects which start in a sequence or sometimes in parallel. For eg. Some of the tasks could be bidder list approval, RFP publication, Bid Receipt, Techno - Commercial Evaluation, Negotiations, Award.


      Now I am interested in looking at the time spent on different segments of the project. For eg. RFP Publication to Award, Techno-Commercial Evaluation to award. etc.


      In order to calculate such durations, I basically need to find the difference between the task end dates or process end dates of the tasks/processes. However, I have not figured out how to find difference between 2 date fields in order to calculate the duration between them.


      Appreciate your help