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    Parking lot striping?

    barry finn Newbie

      Greetings All,


            Hi my name is Barry.  I am a independent sub contractor, that provides parking lot striping services.


      I recently completed a four month, thirty - six state tour of our country, striping 86 parking lots for Best Buy Electronics.

      I found Ariba while searching for opportunities with other "big box" retailers to provide "state of the art" processes I have

      developed in delivery of parking lot painting services.  I am seeking parking lots that require my services for bidding.


      Any direction or suggestions are greatly appreciated



      best regards

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          Ceylan Thomson Ariba Contributor

          Hi Barry,


          Sounds like quite a road trip...! To find more parking lots like that, I suggest you set up a profile on Ariba Discovery. You'll get an email notification every time there is a buyer looking for your services. Simply register and complete your profile here. Make sure to add all relevant commodities that buyers may pick when describing what they need - that's how Ariba Discovery will match you to the buyer's posting.


          Good luck, and feel free to reach out with any questions.

          - Ceylan

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