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    Helping engineers be customer facing

    Andrew Gill Master

      I've just seen a presentation for a Software as a Service company, but not in Procurement technology, who mandate that their engineers spend at least 25% of their time with customers to ensure they're truly in touch, understand how customers use their solutions, the frustrations they see and what customers truly want.  They also have a monthly release cycle.


      They believe this gives them a competitive edge, improves customer satisfaction and grows revenue through adoption.


      My interaction with Ariba Engineering is good, whether by email, web or phone, but that only happens when I've logged a Service Request, so the interaction is often pressured by time and tinged with frustration about something not working.


      I know our Success and Engagement team are designed to bridge this gap, but for me, they're not engineers, they don't routinely sit down with me and watch how I'm working or listen to my suggestions or frustrations, so although it's a move in the right direction, it doesn't meet my needs.


      How would it be if Ariba adopted a model where engineers were accessible and targeted with customer time?







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