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    Time-out when searching Contract Workspaces using keywords

    Karim el Gamal Journeyman

      If your end-users are complaining about time-outs when searching for Contract Workspaces using keywords, you may want to check how they are performing their search.

      In some cases you will find that your end-users are interested in retrieving contracts that contain certain keywords in the contract header fields (title, description) or related Dforms, but not necessarily in the attached documents (PDF, Word, Excel, etc)


      The default setting of the contract search screen will result in the system searching not just the contract workspace header fields and related Dforms for your keyword(s), but also any text-searchable attachments. This can slow down the search function.

      By selecting the checkbox "Exclude document contents" (just below the Keywords box) you will dramatically increase search performance by preventing the system from searching the content of Contract Workspace file attachments.