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    Invoice Against Contract for Coffee Services

    Jerry VanScoter Expert

      I am trying to put together a contract for coffee services with as much automation as possible.  The ideal scenario would be:


      Invoice against contract with one line item for every site across the country.

      The supplier would issue invoices against the proper line item after delivery of the supplies.  Each line item would have the appropriate accounting for that site.

      The invoice would be automatically forwarded to the correct user for approval based on the accounting code for that site.


      The problems:


      What would be the best template to use?  BPO or Contract?


      I'm assuming if I use a contract I would have to use an item based contract.  That requires a negotiated price.  I just want the supplier to send an invoice for the amount charged for the delivery and supplies.  I don't want to have to create items for every type of supply, coffee, cups, stirrers, cream, etc.  The supplier is using EDI so they are restricted on what they can do on their end.


      Is there a way to do a line item that just has a budgeted amount for a year and the supplier keeps sending invoices until the year is up or the budget is expended?  A PO won't work because you need a quantity and a unit price.


      Any ideas are appreciated.