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    Copying Items in Bulk

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      I was wondering if there is a way to copy multiple objects (workspaces / reports / content docs etc...) to/from our "Personal Workspace"? A user in my team has about 50 analytical reports in his personal workspace and needs all these reports to be transferred to his replacement's personal workspace. He is currently able to achieve this by copying this one by one first to the "Public Reports" folder and then his replacement logs in and copies it from the public reports folder to his personal workspace.


      It would have been much more convenient if there were check boxes against each object and the user could select and copy multiple objects which would save a lot of time. I have checked with the Ariba tech folks and they say that there is no way that objects can be copied in bulk. I hope that this feature is included in the future release.


      Have you found a need to have such feature?