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    Spend Classification - What if you have a category that does not map to UNSPSC or ACT?

    Bob Biros Expert

      Our custom category taxonomy has several entries that do not map to any of the 22,000+ entries in the ARIBA ACT/UNSPSC taxonomy.  They tend to be company or industry specific categories.  For example:  Clinical Trials Patient Recruitment
      The spend cube requires at leat one entry for each sub category in the UNSPSC dimension.  Thus we are forced to map these custom categories to items in the ACT taxonomy that are totally non-logical such as 'Space Ships' - typically an item that would never be purchased is chosen as the mapped ACT item.

      Can we get new codes added to the ACT/UNSPSC taxonomy that represent our company or industry specific categories?


      We are a 9R1 on-Premise instance.