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    Breaking down contract value across several business units

    hspanuth Journeyman



      we are recording storing all our contracts (paper versions) in Ariba Contracts module with some basic information like ' annual contract value', business unit(s) to which this contract is applicable, sourcing categories(s) to which this contract is applicable.


      We would now facing 2 issues with this:


      - There seems to be no way to "spread" the contract value across the different business units. Example: we upload a report worth 100kEUR that is applicable for unit A and B. Once we create a report on this contract, it shows 100kEUR value for units A and 100kEUR value for unit B. --> Does anyone have experience how to handle this in a smarter way?


      - We would like to compare the actual spend of the supplier (from spend visibility) against the overall recorded contract value (contract database). --> how can we link those 2 facts into 1 report?


      Thanks for any hints on this,